Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bliss Polish: SoA

Hello everyone, today I have more Bliss Polish for you! These are from the Sons Of Anarchy collection. This collection launches 10/11! I have Gemma, Jax, and Mayhem!

From left to right: Mayhem, Gemma, Jax.

First, the first thing that I thought of when I read the name of this polish was this: 
Mayhem!! If you haven't seen these commercials, you are missing out. They are by Allstate Insurance. So go watch them. Well,  now we can start. 

 Source: watch them now

First, is "Mayhem". Just wow. A STUNNING black holo! This is now in my top 10 polishes! ( Sorry OPI Man With The Golden Gun) This is 2 coats. Great formula, and I'm never taking this off! 

Next is "Jax". Oh Jax, how I love you. AMAZING. A b-e-a-u-tiful grey  matte polish with awesome HOLO and metally goodness. This is 2 stunning coats. Along side "mayhem" in my  top 10 polishes.

no topcoat. 

With topcoat. 

Last one, I promise. This is "Gemma". Um, HELLO GORGEOUS. A dark red to bright red thermal??! How amazing is that!!?! Bright, candy apple red when hot, to an amazing burgundy when cold. The change from hot to cold doesn't stay very long, so thats why some of the pictures have water spots on them. 2 coats! 

in transition.

when hot.

in transition.

when cold.

This is 3/7 polishes in the SoA collection, and my top three too! You can preview the other polishes and collections on her instagram, @blisspolish , and  buy them at her shop, All of these were amazing, and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to swatch for her again! 

xoxo, Maren

* These polishes were sent for review. These are my 100% honest opinion. 


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sweet Therapy Shop!

Today, I have Sweet Therapy nail lacquers, body scrubs and frostings. She is the sweetest person and also makes the sweetest things! 

First I have "Pining for Love". This is a beautiful,  rustic purple with small gold flakes.  This is 2 coats, even though these polishes were very pigmented and could have passed for one. This is with an accent nail of OPI "Designer, de better!" Very easy to apply, but hard to get off.

Next is " Oh Pope!". This is a bright red that has beautiful gold and pink flakies, and covers in 1 coat!  This is showing way brighter than it is, and you can only see the pink flakies. I did a very bad maple leaf accent nail with this polish. Again, very smooth and easy but hard to get off. 

Third, I have " Pink Melody". This is a wonderful magenta polish with pink flakies, and here I have it with a lightning accent nail with some sponging with "Pining for Love". This is 1 easy coat, and again, it was hard to remove. 

Last, I have "Gladiator in a skirt". When I first got this polish, I didn't know if was spectra-flairly! This is 2 easy coats. I paired this with Essie "Butler Please" and GG Couture " Genevive". This is such a beautiful polish and my favorite of these 4!

Now I have a sugar scrub and a body frosting! 

First, I have the sugar scrub. The smell is "Peach and Mango" ( I've never reviewed any thing besides polish, so bear with me.) I waited a week or so to review it so I could have full results. I put it onto my left hand every night after I washed my hands. This leaves your skin smelling so good, and feeling really soft! It's not oily and doesn't leave your hand greasy. Very natural and organic!I love the color and smell, and would totally buy this when I run out! This is an amazing scrub, and I would completely recommend it.

Lastly I have the "Sweet Amor" body frosting. Look at how amazing this is! Smells like heaven in a jar! I opened it up and I just get this sweet aroma. Its so fluffy and light, I just wanted to dive right into it! I put a teaspoon on my right hand every night, and my hand has been so smooth and soft. I love this frosting so much! I will totally buy it again. 

Overall, these polishes and scrubs are amazing! My only problems with the polishes were that they were very hard to remove. I use cotton balls in acetone, and I had to scrub a little bit to get it off. These are fine for people who keep their polish on for longer than I do, but I swatch everyday, so I did not appreciate that aspect. But, these polishes and scrubs overall were amazing!!! She has a variety of smells, and of colors. You can purchase these products on her etsy on Thursday, October 3rd. I loved these products and hope to have some more!

* These products were provided for reviewing and swatching. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bliss Polish

Hi everyone! Today I have Bliss Polish for you! They have stunning polishes which i'm going to show you!

First is " Kiss & Teal", a teal slight linear holographic polish. I could not capture the beauty of any of these polishes! This is 2 coats. Very smooth to apply!

No topcoat.

With topcoat.

Second is "Raspberry Punch" A magenta pink slight holographic polish! You can't see it in the photo but it is! 2 easy coats!

Next is "Coral Crush" A coral slight holographic polish! This is 2 coats. Not difficult to apply at all!

 No topcoat.

With topcoat.

Third is " Tiffany Who" a mix of teal and mint polish with gold shimmer. This is so pretty! I don't think  I have a polish like it! 2 coats.

No topcoat.

With topcoat.

Last is " Plum Crazy" A BEAUTIFUL plum/purple linear holographic polish! This is 2 coats. My favorite polish!

No topcoat.


With topcoat.

Overall these polishes were amazing!!!! I am very impressed with these. You can buy these here. I loved these polishes a lot and you should too! 

* These polishes were provided for swatching and review. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Whooty Hoot Creations

Hello! I have Whooty Hoot Creations here for you today, a new indie company!

First is Sprinkles, a glitter topper with hearts, hexes, stars, and chopped up glitters. This is one coat over Essie Boxer Shorts. Love this easy to apply topper!

Lastly I have Fern, Baby Fern. This is another glitter topper with dots, hexes and shards of glitters. Love this one too! 

Overall these two polishes were very easy to apply and had pastel spring colors! I love these and hope to buy more!

* These were sent for swatching and review.

Precision Nail Lacquer

Hi everyone! Today I have Precision Nail Lacquer! 

First I have "18 Carrot Cake" This is a Gold glitter topper with ultra fine gold hexes in a clear base. This is 2 coats over a white base. Very ease to apply! 

Next, I have "After Dinner Mints" This is a teal glitter topper with ultra fine teal hexes in a clear base. 2 coats over a white base. Again, very easy to apply!

Third, I have " Taupe it off With Sprinkles" This is a pink/silver glitter topper with ultra fine pink and silver hexes in a clear base. 2 coats over an off-white base. Smooth and great formula!

Next is " Shake your Bon Bon" This is a blue/silver glitter topper with ultra fine blue and silver hexes in a clear base. This is 1 coat over a tan base. Great formula!

Second to last I have "Red Velvet Cupcake" This is a pink jelly with ultra fine silver hex glitters. This is 3 coats. So pretty!!!  Magic in a bottle!

Last, is " Hazel and Gretel" This is an auburn, burnt orange jelly with ultra fine silver glitters. This is 3 coats! Very easy to apply!

Overall these polishes are amazing! So many great formulas and colors! These were part of their " Sprinkles" collection. You can buy these here! I loved all of these polishes and hope to get more soon!

* these were sent to me for swatching and review.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fickle Fairy Potions

Hi everybody! Today I have a very very delayed post for Tonya, the creater of these beautiful polishes! 

First I have "waterlust" a blue jelly with navy hexes, silver hearts, silver diamonds, and silver fine hexes. This is 2 easy coats. Very smooth, but a little sticky. I love it!

Next I have "My Inner Princess" This is a pink jelly, lighter than what it shows in the picture. It has  small silver hexes, Silver squares, and fine silver hexes. This is 2 coats. Very easy to apply, just like the rest of Tonya's polishes! Could easily be my favorite!

Last, I have " What's the matte-er" (hehe) A very pretty plurple jelly? This is very hard to describe! Almost a duo-chrome. This dries matte, which is awesome! 2 coats! My favorite!!!

Overall I really liked all of these polishes! They all have amazing formulas and colors. You can purchase these polishes from Tonya here. Find her line on facebook! Thanks Tonya!! 

* These polishes were provided for swatching and review.

BubbleVicious Polish

Today I have Bubblevicious polish in Cotton Candy Clouds! This is a pink tinted glitter topper with small hexes, ultra small hexes, and medium stars. This polish also glows in the dark!! I used two coats over white. Very easy too apply! Love this polish and hope to wear it again soon sometime!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Gradient!

Today I have a very fun and summery gradient! I used Essie Peach Daiquiri, L'oreal Orange you jealous, Orly Lemonade, Orly Gumdrop, and Essie Carnival on top. A perfect red to orange to yellow to green gradient! I had a lot of fun doing this! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Color!

Today I have Polish Addict Nail Color in Watermelon Crush! This is a polish with a light green shimmery base with lots of glitters! It has small black square and large and small black hex glitters and pink and green small squares, and pink, orange, green, and red small hex glitters. And other assorted shapes and colors in smaller glitters. This applied so easily! This could have been layered by itself but I decided to put one coat over Sinful Colors Sinful Shine In the Limelight. I really liked this one and hope to have more of her colors!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Today, I have OohLaLacquer! They are from an indie company run by Nastassia! She sweetly sent me Princess Nolah, Grosky Lil Beotch, and I'm a Matte 4 U! These are such pretty polishes.

Left to right: Princess Nolah, Grosky Lil Beotch, I'm a Matte 4 U.

First, I have Princess Nolah. This is from the Mean Girls collection. This has a medium pink base with holographic square and small hex glitters, and smaller circular glitter. I put one coat over China Glaze Dance Baby. It could have been on its own with 3 coats, but I decided to layer it for a brighter effect. It applied very easily and smoothly! I really liked it!

Next, is Grosky Lil Beotch. This is from the Mean Girls collection. This is a teal glitter topper with medium diamond glitter, small hex glitters, and smaller circular glitters. I put 1 coat over China Glaze Sunday Funday. It applied so easily! This was a favorite.

Last, I have I'm a Matte 4 U, from the Dangerously in Matte collection! This has small blue and pink matte(hence the collection) hex glitters. I have 2 coats over Sally Hanson Mint Sorbet. This could have been layered with 3 coats on its own, but I think it looks best over a base. The minty background really shows off the two colors. It is a dream to apply and was my favorite!

Overall, these polishes are great! Make sure to check Nastassia and her polishes out on Facebook , Tumblr, Etsy, Twitter, and her shop! Ooh La Lacquer are 15 ml and 3-free, meaning they do not include Formaldehyde, Toulene, or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and are $8.00 per bottle.

Ooh La Lacquer nail polishes were sent to me for swatching and review.