Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Duh-Nail Polish

           Today I have a fantastic collection for you that doubles for 2 purposes! It is by Duh Nail Polish, owned by Danyl. There are 5 colors to the collection( She threw in one that's not from the collection too!) that is a halloween collection called "Oh Happy Days" and 4 of the colors double for football teams! Even more awesome!

First is "Simply Gourd-gous", a stunning orangish red polish with red flakies that I could not capture! Very easy formula, not that sheer, not that thin! This is 3 coats. Ring finger is matte.  (Excuse my thumb :P)

Next is "The Cauldron Bubbled Over". A squishy black jelly with circles, hexes, squares, and all sorts of glitters! It was hard to capture all of the glitters in this one! This was a little thick. 3 coats, but you can layer over black for more opacity. This doubles as the Ravens color! Ring finger is matte.

Third is "The Cat's Meow". This is so pretty! 4 types of glitters, which all come together to create this white crelly! One of my favorites, this is 3 coats by its own with my ring finger matte. This doubles for The Steelers color!

Next is "Ghouls Drool", a yellow jelly with lots of glitters. This wasn't my favorite just because yellow isn't my favorite color but it still made an impression on me! 2 coats on its own with my ring finger matte. This doubles for The Packers!

Fourth is " Ghosts in the Graveyard", a beautiful grey crelly with shards of silver glitters, hexes and much more! My favorite of the collection, because I barely have any greys! This is 2 coats on its own, with my ring finger matte. 

Last, is "Oodles of Sprinkles". *jaw drops. A beautiful white crelly with bunches of neon glitters! This is 2 coats and not in the collection with the rest. My ring finger is matte. 

These polishes were fabulous! Some were sticky but it all makes up for it with their beauty! These are available here. (buy them). Thank you Danyl!

*These were sent for my honest review. 

Dove VoxBox

    Recently I received the Dove VoxBox from Influenster, which contained the Dove Advanced Care deodorant! It is white with a lovely scent.
  On the packaging it says it will last for 48 hours, but that was not what I experienced. The time that it lasted for on me was about 32 hours.  I wore this everyday for a week, to get the best results. The anti-perpirant is white itself but shows up transparent on your arms.


  • transparent
  • long-lasting
  • easy to apply
  • doesn't leave my arms sweaty

  • not lasting for all 48 hours
Overall, the deodorant was very good and I will be using it a lot! I think this will now be my main deodorant because it is great!I do recommend this deodorant because it is wonderful!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.