Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bliss Polish: SoA

Hello everyone, today I have more Bliss Polish for you! These are from the Sons Of Anarchy collection. This collection launches 10/11! I have Gemma, Jax, and Mayhem!

From left to right: Mayhem, Gemma, Jax.

First, the first thing that I thought of when I read the name of this polish was this: 
Mayhem!! If you haven't seen these commercials, you are missing out. They are by Allstate Insurance. So go watch them. Well,  now we can start. 

 Source: watch them now

First, is "Mayhem". Just wow. A STUNNING black holo! This is now in my top 10 polishes! ( Sorry OPI Man With The Golden Gun) This is 2 coats. Great formula, and I'm never taking this off! 

Next is "Jax". Oh Jax, how I love you. AMAZING. A b-e-a-u-tiful grey  matte polish with awesome HOLO and metally goodness. This is 2 stunning coats. Along side "mayhem" in my  top 10 polishes.

no topcoat. 

With topcoat. 

Last one, I promise. This is "Gemma". Um, HELLO GORGEOUS. A dark red to bright red thermal??! How amazing is that!!?! Bright, candy apple red when hot, to an amazing burgundy when cold. The change from hot to cold doesn't stay very long, so thats why some of the pictures have water spots on them. 2 coats! 

in transition.

when hot.

in transition.

when cold.

This is 3/7 polishes in the SoA collection, and my top three too! You can preview the other polishes and collections on her instagram, @blisspolish , and  buy them at her shop, All of these were amazing, and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to swatch for her again! 

xoxo, Maren

* These polishes were sent for review. These are my 100% honest opinion. 


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